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Color Stainless Steel Process

Dec 19, 2016

Electroplating di a, à ND ù

Electroplate; galvanization] electroplating: the use of electrolysis of metal or other material attached to a layer of metal film on the surface of the workpiece processing. To prevent corrosion, increased wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective and enhancing appearance, and so on.

B, water plating

In water solution does not rely on power, public bath of the reducing agent for chemical reduction reaction, catalyzed by metal ions restore the surface, method of forming metallic coatings.

C, f-c paint

Fluorine resin coating as the main film; also known as fluorocarbon coating, fluorine coating, fluorine resin coatings

D, painting

Compressed air paint spray into mist-coated stainless steel plate formed by different colors.