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Compected Wire Ropes Clean Up

Jun 30, 2017

1, Compected Wire Ropes because the wire rope is composed of a number of wire (for example: 8 * 19S structural wire rope from the 152 with the wire composition), Compected Wire Ropes in the working state, the wire rope bending produced by the relative slip will produce a lot of friction, Grease can guarantee the friction between the wire rope and the traction wheel under the premise of reducing the friction between the wire, effectively extending the life of the wire rope.

2, all GT INOX  Co., Compected Wire Ropes Ltd. production of wire rope have been a special spraying process for the initial lubrication, all steel wire surface is covered with lubrication layer, such as the installation of the wire rope surface after the cleaning, Compected Wire Ropes to be timely on the wire rope Post-lubrication.

3, to regularly clean the surface of the wire rope maintenance (such as six months or run 100,000 times, depending on the use of the environment, the frequency increase or decrease), in the maintenance of cleaning agents do not use a class of liquid cleaning the wire rope, Compected Wire Ropes otherwise it will affect the rope The core of the oil content and grease composition, thereby affecting the normal use of wire rope.

4, in the cleaning and maintenance of wire rope should be used brush, cotton yarn, compressed air and other surface of the wire rope to clean up, clean up the wire rope, Compected Wire Ropes the use of wire rope special grease in time on the surface of the wire rope appropriate oil treatment.

5, excessive lubrication will make the wire rope and the traction wheel between the friction can not be guaranteed, the steel wire surface grease should be thin and uniform (according to the company's oil requirements, different coating).

1, the solution volume should be rolled when the rope on the special bracket, you can also use a steel pipe into the rope hole, both ends of the rope and then put up the rope, Compected Wire Ropes the rope slowly rotating;

2, the wire rope in the drum on the arrangement of wire rope in the winding direction of the winding must be based on the wire rope twist, right twist from left to right, Compected Wire Ropes left twist rope from right to left arrangement, winding should be arranged neatly to avoid partial or Gripping phenomenon.

3, shear wire rope cutting should be cut at two edges 10-20mm with wire to tie, tied length of 1-4 times the rope diameter, and then cut off the cutting tool.

1, running the rope in the course of the operation should be stable speed, Compected Wire Ropes not more than load operation, to avoid the impact load;

2, maintenance of wire rope in the manufacture has been coated with enough oil, but after the operation, the oil will gradually reduce, and the wire rope surface will occupy dust, Compected Wire Ropes debris and other dirt, causing steel wire rope and rope wear and rope rust, Therefore, Compected Wire Ropes regular cleaning and refueling should be done. Simple method is to use the wire brush and other appropriate tools to wipe the surface of the wire rope dust and other dirt, the melting of the molten steel wire surface grease evenly applied to the surface of the rope, can also be 30 or 40 oil sprayed on the rope surface , Compected Wire Ropes But do not spray too much and pollute the environment;

3, the inspection of the use of wire rope must be regularly checked and recorded, regularly check the contents of the cleaning in addition to the above refueling, but also check the rope rope rope wear, broken wire, corrosion and fishing hook, rings, Groove and other vulnerable parts of the wear and tear of the situation. Compected Wire Ropes Found abnormal circumstances must be adjusted or replaced in a timely manner.