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Compected Wire Ropes Composition

Oct 17, 2017

The special steel wire rope is a helical wire rope that meets the requirements of mechanical properties and geometric dimensions. The wire rope consists of wire, rope core and grease. Steel wire rope is first composed of multi-layer steel wire, then the core is the center of the rope, and a certain number of strands twisted into a spiral rope. In material handling machinery for lifting, traction, tension and carrying. The steel wire rope is high in strength, light weight, smooth work, not easy to be broken down, reliable work.

The composition of the wire rope

Steel wire

During the use of wire rope, it is necessary to bear the function of alternating load. The performance of the wire rope is mainly determined by the mechanical properties of steel wire, the surface state of the wire and the structure of the wire rope. Wire material include carbon steel or alloy steel by cold drawn or cold rolled, steel wire cross section is round or abnormity type (T S Z), special-shaped cross-section wire is mainly used for production line, has high tensile strength and toughness, and the appropriate surface treatment of steel wire to meet the needs of different environmental conditions.

A rope

The main function of the wick is to support the wire rope to achieve a stable cross section structure. Rope core including the steel core and fiber core, fiber core including natural fiber core and synthetic fibre core, natural fiber core such as sisal hemp, jute, cotton, etc., synthetic fiber core including polyethylene and polypropylene filament. Natural fiber core can store more grease, lubricate the wire rope and extend the service life of wire rope.


Wire rope twist in the process of spraying grease, its main function has two, first, to slow the abrasion of steel wire surface lubrication of wire rope, second, the grease can be wire surface from the oxygen in the air, oxidation corrosion inhibiting effect for steel wire rope happened.

Classification by surface state

1. The phosphating coating wire rope (China patent), referred to as "phosphating steel wire rope, wire rope phosphating film membrane heavy 3-60 g/square meter, twist after phosphating cold-drawn steel wire not before processing, direct twist cord, steel core, and steel wire rope, phosphating film can improve the surface of wire rope wear resistance, corrosion resistance ability, effectively restrain the occurrence of fretting fatigue. Rope wire phosphating, preferred department or zinc manganese phosphating, no after phosphating of steel wire drawing processing, direct use of phosphating steel twist wire rope, because of the phosphating coating surface of steel wire is more wear-resisting, and phosphating film does not conduct electricity, can improve the corrosion resistance of the wire at the same time, the use of phosphating line service life is 2-3 times that of smooth steel wire rope, wire rope fatigue resistance increased significantly. The phosphating wire rope is not only an ideal substitute for the smooth wire rope, but also has the ability to replace the imported wire rope.

2. Galvanized steel wire rope, including hot galvanizing and electrogalvanizing, the protection of the galvanized layer is the anode protection, and the thicker the zinc coating, the stronger the anti-corrosion capability

3. Coated steel wire rope, coated with a certain thickness of plastic, including polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane, on the outer surface of the wire rope and the outer surface of the strand

4. Smooth steel wire after heat treatment and surface preparation of raw material after cold drawn wire rope (note: in the process of pretreatment of phosphating film and wire drawing die in the process of cold drawn intense friction gradually fall off), steel wire is no longer directly through any surface treatment twist cord, steel core and wire rope

The steel wire is made of high quality carbon steel, which can reach high strength after many cold-drawing and heat treatment. Steel-wire rope can be made from galvanized steel wire in working places such as wet or outdoor environment to enhance anti-rust performance.

Wire rope in the industrial countries are standard products, according to use need to select the diameter of rope, number of shares, the number of wire per share, the tensile strength and sufficient safety factor, its specifications can check in the manual. Except for wire rope wear layer of steel wire, mainly caused by repeated bending with bypass pulley and drum metal fatigue and broken gradually, so the pulley or drum and wire rope diameter ratio are important factors determine the service life of wire rope. The ratio is large, the steel wire has small bending stress and long life, but the mechanism is huge. The appropriate ratio must be determined according to the use situation. The wear, corrosion degree of the surface layer of the steel wire rope or the number of broken wires within each screw is to be scrapped. The wire rope is mainly used for transport, such as hoisting and transporting, etc.