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Compected Wire Ropes Daily Management

Aug 01, 2017

With the increase in the number of elevators, elevator accidents have gradually increased, Compected Wire Ropes elevator safety has aroused widespread concern. Elevator life and failure rate and the safety management quality of the elevator is closely related to the use of units should be set up full-time or part-time special equipment safety administrator to strengthen the daily management of the elevator. Compected Wire Ropes Elevator used for a certain time, the traction wire rope will appear lack of oil phenomenon, should be re-lubrication of the surface of the rope. If the wire rope is short of oil, it is easy to rust the rope and produce a dry friction with the rope groove, which severely wears the rope and wire rope. At the same time, Compected Wire Ropes the maintenance process must always adjust the tension of the rope to ensure that the tension between the rope uniform, in order to help improve the service life of steel wire rope.

When the wire rope broken wire, broken wire after the wire rope to do the following routine inspection: broken, broken wire number and location. Case (the following case to illustrate) the new passenger ladder, Compected Wire Ropes wire rope has a broken strand, broken tidy, bright, the rest of the broken wire, it is not using wire rope detector on the wire rope testing. With the vernier caliper measurement of wire rope nominal diameter reduction of less than 7%, the rope surface no significant external wear phenomenon. Steel wire rope lubrication, Compected Wire Ropes clean in good condition, no rust and rope rope rope extrusion phenomenon. Rope and its combination without exception. Wire rope lying in the rope slot in good condition, rope groove surface is smooth, the depth of the caliper measurement of the depth of the wire rope into the groove is basically the same.

Steel wire rope caused by abnormal wear and tear, broken the phenomenon of possible causes are the following:

2.1 The tension of the rope is too large. Field test personnel with a wire rope dynamometer to measure the tension of several wire rope deviation and calculation and found that the tension of five wire rope is basically uniform, and the deviation is not greater than 5%, so this reason to exclude wire rope breakage.

2.2 traction machine traction conditions are unreasonable. In order to ensure the design of the traction capability, in the case of constant equivalent friction factor should increase the rope and the traction wheel angle. Compected Wire Ropes The elevator uses a gearless traction machine with a nominal diameter of 10 mm. In order to provide sufficient traction capability, the elevator is designed to be rewound to increase the angle of the package. The wire rope needs multiple positive and negative bends on the traction sheave Folding and winding, greatly affected the life of the wire rope, Compected Wire Ropes while the strength of the rope, Compected Wire Ropes toughness, bending resistance made a higher demand. In view of this case, due to the elevator for the new passenger ladder, the use of time is very short, the rope did not produce the basic wear and tear, so the reasons for the design of wire rope breakage can be ruled out.

2.3 elevator maintenance. Compected Wire Ropes The wire rope is an important load part of the elevator, carrying the full quality of the elevator car, in the elevator maintenance to pay special attention to the maintenance of the wire rope. In view of this case, the wire rope is basically in a new state, no broken wire rope and other wire rope appearance quality there is a significant difference, Compected Wire Ropes it can be ruled out because the wire rope itself is not up to mechanical performance or maintenance is not in place and suddenly broken phenomenon.

2.4 elevator in the installation process using unreasonable rope way, resulting in wire rope kink, Compected Wire Ropes resulting in damage to the rope structure, which is caused by the use of wire rope after the emergence of broken wire breakage reasons. Compected Wire Ropes In addition, the operation of improper operation of the operator, the steel wire surface damage caused by mechanical damage is also an important incentive for wire rope broken strand. Combined with the wire surface of the wire rope and other wire rope wear to determine the situation, due to improper operation of the operator on the wire surface caused by mechanical damage is the main reason leading to wire rope breakage. Compected Wire Ropes But does not rule out the rope due to improper way, resulting in localized kink kink, in a number of running in the wear and eventually lead to broken wire rope.