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Compected Wire Ropes Gradually Increased

Jun 02, 2017

Compected Wire Ropes With the increase in the number of elevators, elevator accidents have gradually increased, elevator safety has aroused widespread concern. Elevator service life and failure rate and elevator safety management quality is closely related, the use of units should be set full-time or part-time Special equipment safety Administrator, to strengthen the day-to-day management of elevators. After the elevator is used for a certain period of time, the traction wire rope will appear oil shortage phenomenon, Compected Wire Ropes the surface of the wire rope should be lubricated. If the wire rope is short of oil, it is easy to rust the wire rope, as well as with the rope pulley to produce dry friction, thus serious wear rope groove and wire rope. At the same time, the tension of the wire rope must be adjusted constantly in the process of maintenance, so as to ensure the tension between the rope, so as to improve the service life of the wire rope.


When the wire rope broken wire, broken strands of wire rope to do the following routine inspection: broken strands, broken wire root number and location. Case (described in this case) the new passenger ladder, steel wire rope has a broken strand, the fracture neat, bright, the rest of the wire is not broken, it is not used wire rope flaw detection instrument for wire rope flaw detection. Using vernier caliper to measure the nominal diameter reduction of wire rope is less than 7%, and there is no obvious external wear on the surface of wire rope. Compected Wire Ropes Steel wire Rope lubrication, clean condition is good, no corrosion and wire rope core extrusion phenomenon. Line and its combination are not abnormal. The wire rope is in good condition, the rope groove surface is smooth, and the depth caliper measures the depth of the wire rope lying in the groove.

The possible causes of broken wires and broken strands caused by abnormal wear and tear of wire ropes are the following:

2.1 Traction Rope Tension deviation is too large. On-site inspectors use wire rope dynamometer to measure the tension deviation of several wire ropes and calculate, found that 5 wire rope tension is basically uniform, and the average deviation is not greater than 5%, so to exclude this reason caused wire rope broken stock.

The design of traction condition of 2.2 traction machine is unreasonable. In order to ensure the traction ability of the design requirement, the angle of the towing rope and the towing wheel should be increased when the equivalent friction factor is invariable. The elevator uses a gear-free traction machine, wire rope nominal diameter of 10mm, in order to provide sufficient traction capacity, Compected Wire Ropes the elevator is designed as a complex winding form to increase the angle of the package, the wire rope needs many times bending and winding on the traction wheel, which greatly affects the life of the wire rope, and puts forward higher requirements for the strength, toughness and bending resistance of the wire rope. For this case, because the elevator for the new passenger ladder, the use of a short time, wire rope basic did not produce wear, so because of the design reasons for wire rope broken stock can be excluded.

2.3 Lift Maintenance. The steel wire rope is an important load component of the elevator, carrying all the quality of the elevator car, should pay special attention to the maintenance of the steel wire rope during the elevator maintenance. In view of this case, the wire rope is basically in a completely new state, there is no obvious difference between the broken strand wire rope and other steel wire ropes, so it can be excluded that the mechanical performance of the wire rope is not up to standard or the maintenance and maintenance is not in place and the phenomenon of sudden broken stock.

2.4 Elevator in the installation process using unreasonable way of putting rope, Compected Wire Ropes resulting in kink of wire rope, resulting in damage to the structure of wire rope, which also leads to the use of wire rope soon after the broken strands of the reason. In addition, improper operation of the installation, mechanical damage to the surface of the wire rope is also an important cause of broken strands of wire rope. According to the surface condition of the wire rope and the wear of other wire ropes, Compected Wire Ropes the mechanical damage caused by the improper operation of the steel wire rope is the main reason of breaking the strand. But also does not rule out because of improper way of putting rope, cause the wire rope local kink, in the operation of many times to produce wear and eventually lead to wire rope broken stock.