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Compected Wire Ropes Judgment

Jul 11, 2017

The operating life of the wire rope on the traction wheel will be limited by wear and stress on the wire. Compected Wire Ropes For most cases, Compected Wire Ropes as long as the observation of the external steel wire broken phenomenon should be determined to replace.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the elevator, Compected Wire Ropes the main criterion for the scrapping of the wire rope is to check the number of visible wire breakings on a pre-selected length and check the length of 6d or 30d (d wire rope diameter). When the wire saw the broken wire exceeds the specified number, you must replace.

For 6 and 8 strands of wire rope,Compected Wire Ropes broken wire mainly occurs in appearance. And for the multi-layer rope wire rope is different, this wire rope broken mostly occurred in the internal, and thus "invisible" fracture.

In addition, when the wire rope rope broken wire, Compected Wire Ropes broken wire local agglomeration and other phenomena, should also be considered scrapped. Wire rope diameter relative to the nominal diameter of 7% or more, Compected Wire Ropes even if no broken wire, the wire rope should also be scrapped.

The wire rope is one of the main consumables of the rotary drilling rig, and its service life has obvious influence on the economic benefit of the user. Compared with other construction equipment such as cranes, rotary drilling rig winch speed, reel diameter is small, the rope to enhance the height of large, Compected Wire Ropes single rope pull large, so according to customer demand, our company sales of rotary drilling rigs have the following characteristics:

1, good flexibility, good wear resistance, Compected Wire Ropes anti-rotation, anti-extrusion performance.

2, for multi-layer winding of the reel, Compected Wire Ropes usually with the same twist of the wire rope to avoid the stock generated marks, so that the performance of wire rope performance is much better than the intermittent twist wire rope.

3, the use of special-shaped structure, Compected Wire Ropes the surface of the wire rope is more smooth, with greater breaking tension, better anti-wear, and anti-extrusion type.

Rotary cutting special wire rope with non-rotating structure of the technical features:

Due to the characteristics of rotary drilling work, ordinary 6-wire rope in the load will be along the axis (rope) rotation, so that the rope itself becomes loose, Compected Wire Ropes or even bulk. The company's sales of rotary wire for the multi-strand non-rotating wire rope (see below), after a special design, making the wire rope from the rotation trend to minimize. This non-rotating wire rope has a separate cord, Compected Wire Ropes its twist to the opposite shares. With this structure, even when the lifting height is large and the load surface is wide, Compected Wire Ropes the torque between the rope rope and the outer strands will be compensated for each other and the wire rope will not twist.

Rotary rotary wire rope with multi-strand structure, compared with the advantages of 6-wire rope:

A more rounded surface reduces the likelihood of a "print", Compected Wire Ropes reduces the wear between the rope and the rope, and reduces the damage to the wire and the distortion of the wire rope.

• The number of outer strands increases the contact area between the rope surface and the rope groove on the drum and sheave. Increasing the contact area with the rope groove on the drum and the sheave means that the pressure between the rope and the groove is reduced, Compected Wire Ropes thereby reducing the wear of the groove and the wear of the wire rope.

· Multi-strand wire rope is more resistant to extrusion and wear resistance.