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Compected Wire Ropes Main Technology

Oct 11, 2017

The main technology to replace the wire rope, safety craft personnel in two groups, each group at least two people, with a good walkie-talkie. Compected Wire Ropes A group of the engine room to open the elevator car to the top floor, flat after the cut off the power, and notify the other group into the bottom. Bottom pit group first cut off the bottom of the "emergency stop" switch, measuring the weight of the beam under the beam to the buffer distance for the length of the reference for the length of the cut. Will be on the weight and the end of the steel pipe placed on one side of the ground, the other end of the right under the weight of the beam, turn on the bottom of the "emergency stop" switch, Compected Wire Ropes with the walkie-talkie to inform the crew room staff to run up slowly until the heavy frame Steel pipe, so that the elevator can not go up so far.

The engine room group cut off the total power and warn the sign, and then use the chain hoist and wire rope to lift the car (wire rope to the top of the machine through the hoisting steel ring, pay attention to the mouth to mention some of the contact surface material), hand The chain hoist makes the speed limiter man-made (causing the car safety gear to move, and then put the car down and then put the safety clamp wedge on the rail).

First remove the elevator traction rope 1/2 number, flat on the flat ground, remove the rope head cone sets. According to the length of the original wire rope, and refer to the measured weight of the beam and the distance between the beam. Cut the new elevator dedicated rope, it should be noted: the newly purchased wire rope should be carefully checked, whether there is a product certificate, the diameter is the same as the original, Compected Wire Ropes the elevator type (8 × l9 shares, outside Shares within the rough stock); whether in line with national standards, in the process of cutting and measuring rope can not be too much friction in the ground to prevent damage.

The new rope into the cone sleeve, and then at 120mm with fine wire rope tied, the 8-strand rope to cut off the middle of the core, Compected Wire Ropes the wire will be bent into the required shape, the force will be pulled into the wire rope Cone sets, the wire rope should be slightly lower than the sleeve, should not reveal the nest.

With a tape wrapped in the cone on the mouth, so as not to pour out when the paste. And then use the flame to preheat the cone to 40 ~ 50 ℃, Compected Wire Ropes remove the miscellaneous material, casting can be used torch or oxygen acetylene welding torch as a heat source, first in the cone into a little solder paste, then pasteurized alloy heated to 270 ~ 350 ℃, remove the alloy surface oxide can be poured into the cone after the alloy, Compected Wire Ropes the alloy is completed after solidification. And then the hoisting rope suspended for 3 to 6 minutes, so that the full withdrawal of torsion or bending and other stress.