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Compected Wire Ropes The Button Moves Reliably

Nov 06, 2017

The staff is divided into two groups, each group at least two people, Compected Wire Ropes with a good walkie-talkie. The engine room a group will lift the elevator car to the top floor, the flat layer after cut off the power supply, and informs another group to enter the bottom hole.

Put the new rope in the cone sleeve, again in 120mm place with fine wire rope tightly, will 8 strands of rope cut off to the central core, the strands will be bent into the required shape, Compected Wire Ropes the wire rope to pull into the cone sleeve, wire rope should be slightly lower than the cone sleeve, should not reveal the sleeve surface

Cover the cone sleeve with duct tape to avoid leakage when pouring the Babbitt alloy. Then preheat the cone head to the 40~50℃ with flame, remove miscellaneous oil, casting can be used blowtorch or oxygen acetylene torch as a heat source, first in the cone sleeve into a little solder paste, Compected Wire Ropes and then the Babbitt heating to 270~350℃, remove the alloy surface oxide can be poured into the cone sleeve, alloy after solidification is completed. The towing rope is then suspended for 3-6 minutes so that it is fully removed from the torsion or bending stress.

The new traction wire rope, which has been prepared for 1/2 digits, is assembled according to its original position, and then the old traction rope of another 1/2 digits is removed according to the 3rd and 4 contents of the above, and then it is assembled according to the original position. Compected Wire Ropes Then use the hand to pull the gourd car first pull up about 80mm, to restore the speed limiter and safety pliers to the normal position, and then pull the gourd to put down the car, so that all the strength of the wire. At this time, correct the car side and the heavy side of the line bolts, so that the tension of each root traction rope and its average tension of the difference ≤5% (tension required spring detection).

1. Elevator static load test: Passenger lifts, Compected Wire Ropes medical elevators and 2 tons of the following freight elevator carrying 200% of the rated load, Compected Wire Ropes other types of elevators carrying 150% of the rated load. In the stop state, carry the load weight, Compected Wire Ropes carrying 10 minutes each load-bearing member no damage, traction rope without sliding displacement, the button moving reliably.

2. Towing Ability Test.

In the following is the most serious elevator brake situation, Compected Wire Ropes parking several times for the traction inspection, each time the car should be able to stop completely.

(1) The car contains 125% rated load at rated speed down to the lower range of the trip.

(2) Car compartment no-load to the rated speed up to the upper range of the trip.