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Considerations For Flame Retardant Cables

Dec 19, 2016

(1) in the same channel, not criticism, burning cables and fire-resistant cable tie configuration.

(2) external fire must have time to maintain the following places or power circuit, laid the cable should carry out fire protection or use a fire-resistant cable. Such as fire protection, alarm, emergency lighting, breaker operated DC power supply and preservation of generator emergency stop power supply important loops; computer monitor, dual relay protection, power supply, double loop combination for security same channel not isolating one of the loop.

(3) when there were fewer cables, fire retardant paint, available packages increases in cable or put in fire-resistant cable pipe. Cables in the same channel when there should be laid in refractory slot in the box, and the power cable should be treated with a breathable type, semi-enclosed available combustible dust-free environment, laying cable protection section in the bridge should not be long, or fire.