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Cross Laid W/R

Apr 13, 2017

Stainless Steel Cross laid W/R 

wire rope.jpgWire Rope is multi-purpose product being used in numerous industries for power transmission,load tolerance,tensile purposes and many other application.This product is utilized over a wide spectrum of industries including mine excavation,petroleum exploration and the fishing industry. Shipping equipment,machinery,aircraft,cranes,elevators,cable cars and bridges also require our product.

Presently,GT INOX wire rope is in constant demand by customers around the world.Known for not only its quality,but for its price and after-service,this product is being exported to over 20 countries.


  • In  a cross Laid wire rope,each wire of different layers makes point contact and has relatively larg spaces between wires.Cross Laid wire rope is very flexible and widely used in slings that are exposed to bending fatigue.

  • Due to relatively small area of contact between wire, cross-laid rope wires are more likely for fail  (break) due to fatigue and shear.


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