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Different types of stainless steel wire rope for different purposes

Apr 15, 2017

Different types of stainless steel wire rope for different purposes

  • Stainless steel wire rope for general purpose (including galvanized steel wire): mainly used to decorate, pull rod zipper, fence and so on.


  • The elevator with fine wire rope: in accordance with national standards for high-rise buildings in the elevator equipment, the requirements of the structure is tight, soft, structural elongation is small, usually 1 * 19 shares of the structure, the special stainless steel wire rope Flexibility also has a higher demand.

  • Aviation special fine wire rope: for aircraft on the sailing or navigation cable, requires a high fatigue performance, corrosion resistance, high strength performance.

  • Oil with fine wire rope: mainly used for oil mines, friction in the channel can not occur cremation phenomenon, easy to cause an explosion.

  • Aerial rope and cable for Auto Industry: for the air transport track, with the cable car as a means of transport, requiring a greater safety factor wire rope, corrosion-resistant, smooth surface of the rope can not have burrs.

  • Special wire rope for Lifting: wire rope required high tensile strength, good softness, do not turn resistance to distorting fatigue, not loose, which is what we usually speak of non-rotating anti-reverse stainless steel wire rope.

  • Fine wire rope for Fishing : for trawling, set the net, roll network, and so on, are in rivers, lakes, sea water work, requiring corrosion resistance, soft performance.

Stainless steel wire rope rust corrosion Aesthetics may be its biggest feature, but many tend to ignore its particularity. Plastic, nylon, Teflon, PP, ordinary plastic and other materials, lifting nylon and Teflon is the most hard, but also the best anti-corrosion, but after the package will make the original soft fine wire rope Harden, so we should choose this wire rope when the attention.

PVC is a very soft wire rope coating material, beautiful and generous, but not put corrosion, it is easy to break, generally used in decorating decoration, must not be used for chemical industry and other special industries.

GT INOX wire rope specializing in the production of stainless steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, special fine wire rope, micro-wire rope and wire rope rigging, spreader and so on. The structure of single-stranded rope, multi-stranded rope can do 0.1mm minimum, the product has been widely used in chemical, automotive, ship and other control systems, conveyor belt.