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Heat Treatment Process For Stainless Steel

Dec 19, 2016

1. solid solution treatment

By solid dissolved processing (1000~1050℃, 1h, empty cold) get of organization is Austrian's body added few iron pigment body, in 

then 500~800℃ for adjustment processing Shi, due to atomic in iron pigment body in the diffusion speed to than in Austrian's body 

in the fast, and iron pigment body containing chrome volume high, carbide (Cr23C6) easy along alpha (δ) and r of phase interface 

precipitation, and reduced has Austrian's body in the carbon and the gold elements of content, to improve this class steel of Ms 

points, makes of get more of horse's body. Alpha (δ) ferrite is not too much, otherwise not conducive to heat processing, nor the 

martensite will reduce the strength of steel.

2. adjustment process

After the solution treatment of intermediate processing, also known as adjustment in General, to obtain a certain number of Ma's hope 

to make steel reinforced, used the following three methods:

(1) Middle limitation method (referred to t processing method) solid dissolved processing Hou again heating to (760 ± 15) ℃, insulation 

90min, for has Cr23C6 carbide from Austrian's body in the precipitation, reduced has Austrian's body in the of carbon and the alloy elements 

content, makes Ms points increased to 70 ℃, then cooling to at room temperature will get horse's body + Alpha iron pigment body + residual 

Austrian salt Trent Scull, residual Austrian's body in then 510 ℃ limitation only decomposition finished.

(2) adjustment of high temperature and cryogenic method (r-process) after solid solution and heated to 950 degrees Celsius heat insulation 90min. 

Due to the increased Ms points, cooled to room temperature, can be a small amount of martensite;-70 after cold treatment, thermal 8h, you can get 

a certain amount of martensite.

(3) method of cold deformation (c method) after solution treatment, cold deformation at room temperature, formation of martensite of cold deformation 

quantity associated with deformation and stainless steel components. Deformation in 15%~20% will be able to obtain the necessary number of martensite, 

excessive deformation martensite hardening, the marked reduction in plastic.

3. aging treatment (h)

After the adjustment, are subject to aging. Aging is another way to strengthen this type of steel. When the temperature above 400 ° c, precipitation 

of intermetallic compounds from martensite (such as Ni3Ti) that has a high degree of dispersion and precipitation hardening. About 500 aging, high 

strength and hardness can be obtained.