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Rails Cables The Better The Copper

Sep 28, 2017

In the cold storage installation process, the cable is an indispensable kind of information, although in the market we can see a lot, but these cable wires are also different classification, Rails Cables and they can support the power is not the same, It is of great significance to choose what kind of wire to use in the cold storage device to be able to stop the normal use of cold storage.

If the wire is ignited by fire, if it is extinguished within five seconds, Rails Cables it will clarify that the wire is the national standard line and has the function of flame retardant and conform to the national standard.

Ordinary in the national standard of the wire will be marked on the product model and title, etc., the identity of the maximum distance of 50 cm below, and very average, Rails Cables each word is very clear, the use of such a wire to ensure that cold storage After the device can run normally;

In the same specification under the different brands of wire, if one of the skin is very thick, and it is easy to be torn, which clarifies the non-national standard products, Rails Cables if the cable is thin, and very strong, it is stated that the national standard products The

The inner core used to stop the cold storage device is copper, Rails Cables when we poke its skin to see the inner copper, if the more bright, the better copper;

Ordinary high quality products can be seen at the first glance.Rails Cables Its packaging will be very good and the disc is also very uniform, and in its certificate above the various projects are marked very clear, there is no vague description of the phenomenon, and vice versa is not reliable products.

Cable ends are used to achieve an electrical connection of an accessory product, the industry is divided into the scope of the connector. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and industrial control requirements more stringent, accurate, the amount of cable ends gradually increased. Rails Cables With the development of the electronics industry, the use of cable ends more and more, and more and more types.

Cable end of the product details, the voltage is too high, can be checked from the source, Rails Cables the transformer secondary voltage - distribution box voltage - the voltage of the electrical equipment. The grounding problem can also be checked from the transformer and then grounded to the distribution box. The ground to be grounded, and the normal phase line should be removed grounding problems. Can be used to cut off the insulation table or shake table to measure, sub-measure, as far as possible only measure the cable, wires, Rails Cables switches and other power supply lines, the real difficult to segment the case, then unplug the weak equipment, sensing equipment Of the fuse.

Cable companies can not stick to the current terminal industry standards, Rails Cables should be from an existing standard of the forced implementation of the future industry standard makers. Master the terminal industry initiative. And to strengthen research and development efforts in the introduction of technology to absorb the same time to create, and actively seize the international market, Rails Cables compete for international discourse. Cable ends are labor and technology-intensive industries, Rails Cables with a special industry background. This requires the terminal business efficiency, speak efficiency, talk about cost, talk about management, talk about technology.