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Stainless Steel Cables Connector

Aug 22, 2017

According to our standard, armored cable is necessary to ground at both ends, in the field when the cable into the junction box, if the steel or steel wire armored metal alone welding lead to ground, obviously in the actual device process is very troublesome, and There will be fake welding and other very unstable situation, so in the field of the junction box are selected to directly catch the steel or steel wire, so that armored metal can be firmly grounded, and when the device.

To enhance the company's ability to control, to increase the company's ability to control, to enhance the company's ability to control the company, to enhance the company's ability to control, Results, seeking higher customer satisfaction. Perseverance, determined to create China's most outstanding joint goods. Professional production of waterproof connectors, metal cable connector, cable head, terminal blocks, fixed seat, the end of the belt, tension spring joints, torsion cable connector, metal hose, bellows and hose connector wiring device. The company supporting equipment from the NC processing, injection molding, cold rolling, cutting, annealing, coil, pipe, plastic and other processes to implement one-stop production, short cycle, prompt delivery. Commodity through the certification: UL, CE, ROSH, IP68-10P and so on.

Steel Armor Explosion-proof stuffing box Stainless steel armored Explosion-proof packing letter Introduction: Stainless steel armored explosion-proof stuffing box for the cable lock or with the electric control cabinet box, and sealed with epoxy resin. It has a simple structure, low cost, in various forms, strong equipment, the use of lunch, good sealing and other advantages

Features: Description of the characteristics of the product: special clamping claws and clamping ring high and low phase of the planning, with the tight head to install time-saving, with a wide range of clamping cable, tensile strength, waterproof, dust, Acid and alkali, grease and usually solvent and other characteristics. BON-type waterproof connector planning novel, practical and strong is widely used in lighting, mechanical machinery, wire and cable, and other areas.

Threads: Metric, PG, G (PF), and US-made Teeth (NPT)

Commodity materials: A, C, F some choice of brass nickel (can be customized 304 stainless steel), D some use of white nylon made, B, E some use of ethylene propylene rubber.

Protection class: in the rules of the bayonet range and the use of O-ring ring tight emergency, waterproof rating up to IP68.

Color varieties: A, C, F parts for the metal color. D is white, B, E is black.

Operating temperature: static: -40 ℃ to 110 ℃, short time up to 120 ℃. Dynamic: -20 ℃ to 80 ℃, a short time up to 100 ℃