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Stainless Steel Cables Constant Current Characteristics

Jun 02, 2017

Stainless Steel Cables and manual welding, gas shielded welding and other welding methods, although the submerged arc welding welding Current is large, however, considering the circumferential seam welding as a transverse welding, molten molten iron easy to fall, weld forming difficult to control, welding current selection should not be too large, generally do not need more than 600A at the same time considering the applicability.

In addition to the power supply with constant pressure and constant current characteristics, but also has manual arc welding and carbon arc gas planing required to reduce the characteristics of the tank can be used in the production of versatile, so that the full use of equipment capacity, Stainless Steel Cables reducing the cost of equipment. In the actual operation, the power supply is placed in the power supply. The power supply platform uses the miniature container structure, mainly for the convenience power supply hoisting and the rain prevention specially designed, its interior is equipped with to walk the rack and the DC-600 arc welding power supply Electricity distribution cabinet, the power distribution cabinet and the frame and the power supply through the cable to connect together.

The Na-3n (s) automatic wire feeder for DC-600 arc welding power supply is selected. Submerged arc welding Machine Head through the upper and lower left stone adjuster installed in the rack lifting adjustment mechanism of the beam, through the welding cable and control cable and installed on the right column of the rack Na-3n (s) control box and DC-600 connected to achieve the welding current and voltage remote control operation. Stainless Steel Cables The operator can use up and down to the right regulator to adjust the position of the torch, so that the tip of the wire is always located on the welding road.

The Flux recirculation system uses a suction-pressure flux collector. Along with the welding rack. The flux strap realizes the protection of the arc by holding the flux in the molten pool area. At work, the supporting wheel relies on the weight of the frame itself close to the wall plate, Stainless Steel Cables flux from the top of the rack on the rack to rely on gravity along the catheter drop to the flux strap on the appropriate position to achieve the protection of welding arc. At the same time, the high power vacuum cleaner will recycle the remaining flux from the strap to the flux bucket to realize recycling.

Stainless steel Cable Tray anti-corrosion performance is far higher than ordinary carbon steel bridge,Stainless Steel Cables petrochemical, food processing and marine industry and other fields often choose stainless steel cable bridge laying cable.

Classification of stainless steel cable tray:

According to structure classification: Trough type stainless steel frame, ladder-type stainless steel bridge, pallet-type stainless steel bridge frame.

By material classification (anti-corrosion performance from low to high): 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel. Conventional use of 304 stainless steel bridge, the surface can be done wire drawing or spraying.