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Stainless Steel Cables Installation Precautions

Jul 24, 2017

In our life, the use of the bridge will inevitably meet some problems, Stainless Steel Cables then the stainless steel cable bridge installation we should pay attention to what? Now the use of stainless steel bridge more, whether it is still other problems in the wire and cable, when the installation should be Pay attention to its safety, Stainless Steel Cables stainless steel cable bridge installation of the following considerations:

1, in the installation before the need to first check the appearance of stainless steel cable tray, see the surface is not smooth and smooth, do not pan out of the situation, Stainless Steel Cables while looking at the welding between the steel is not knot.

2, the installation of the cable tray to determine the location of a detailed, while the interval between the layers to ensure that the normal cooling and maintenance, Stainless Steel Cables and if there are other parallel pipes, to ensure that the interval, to avoid mutual interference.

3, when the cable bridge to build a good way to determine the direction of each device should be easy to maintain, so as not to cause failure can not repair, resulting in greater harm.

4, the installation of the bridge whether it is fixed or hanging, Stainless Steel Cables must be optimistic about the connection between the various parts is not fastened, there can be no loose phenomenon, to ensure the safety of construction.

TIG welding site to have a good ventilation to discharge harmful gases and dust. In addition to plant ventilation, the welding work can be large, welder concentrated place, Stainless Steel Cables install several axial fan exhaust.

In addition, local ventilation can also be used to take away the harmful gas around the arc, such as the use of bright arc hood, smoke exhaust gun, light fan and so on.

As far as possible, use a very low dose of cerium tungsten. Stainless Steel Cables Thorium tungsten and cerium tungsten polished, should be sealed or exhausted grinding wheel grinding, the operator should wear masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, after processing to wash the face. Stainless Steel Cables Thorium tungsten and cerium tungsten should be placed in an aluminum box.

In order to prevent and weaken the impact of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, Stainless Steel Cables the measures taken are: 1) good grounding of the workpiece, Stainless Steel Cables welding cable and ground wire to use metal braided wire shield; 2) appropriate to reduce the frequency; 3) try not to use high-frequency oscillator Stable arc device to reduce the high frequency of electrical action time.

TIG welding, due to the strong role of ozone and ultraviolet radiation, Stainless Steel Cables should wear non-cotton overalls (such as acid, tussah silk, etc.). In the case of welding in the container can not be used in the case of local ventilation, you can use the wind helmet, Stainless Steel Cables air masks or anti-virus masks and other personal protective measures.