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Stainless Steel Cables Installation Precautions

Aug 01, 2017

In our life, the use of the bridge will inevitably meet some problems, Stainless Steel Cables then the stainless steel cable bridge installation we should pay attention to what? Now the use of stainless steel bridge more, whether it is still other problems in the wire and cable, Stainless Steel Cables when the installation should be Pay attention to its safety, stainless steel cable bridge installation of the following considerations:

1, in the installation before the need to first check the appearance of stainless steel cable tray, see the surface is not smooth and smooth, do not pan out of the situation, Stainless Steel Cables while looking at the welding between the steel is not knot.

2, the installation of the cable tray to determine the location of a detailed, while the interval between the layers to ensure that the normal cooling and maintenance, Stainless Steel Cables and if there are other parallel pipes, to ensure that the interval, to avoid mutual interference.

3, when the cable bridge to build a good way to determine the direction of each device should be easy to maintain, so as not to cause failure can not repair, resulting in greater harm.

4, the installation of the bridge whether it is fixed or hanging, must be optimistic about the connection between the various parts is not fastened, there can be no loose phenomenon, Stainless Steel Cables to ensure the safety of construction.

Stainless steel cable bridge anti-corrosion performance is much higher than ordinary carbon steel bridge, petrochemical, food processing and marine shipbuilding industry and other fields often use stainless steel cable bridge laying cable.

According to material classification (anti-corrosion performance from low to high): 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel. Stainless Steel Cables Routine selection of 304 stainless steel bridge, Stainless Steel Cables the surface can do drawing or spraying.

First, the electrode (also known as cable head) is no contact, no solder joints, Stainless Steel Cables no weld, with the whole copper rod in the CNC lathe, milling machine processing, beautiful, durable, small resistance;

Second, the outer casing, the choice of high-quality hose, Stainless Steel Cables water pressure> 0.8MPA, breakdown voltage is higher than 4000V. Another flame retardant casing, for users to choose on special occasions;

Third, the electrode and the outer casing connection, Stainless Steel Cables use 1Cr18Ni9Ti material of stainless steel clip fastening, non-magnetic, no rust;

Fourth, the copper wire is a small bag in the special winding machine on the winding system formed. Soft, small bending radius;

Fifth, the use of qi line to do water-cooled cable, power transmission efficiency. Because of each insulated wire, conduction, high frequency current, Stainless Steel Cables no surface skin effect, Stainless Steel Cables compared with other cross-section water-cooled cable, through the same current, less heat;

6, with qi bag line to do water-cooled cable wire, you can improve the service life of water-cooled cable. Stainless Steel Cables Water-cooled cable for long-term soaking in water, Stainless Steel Cables the working environment is very bad. Before we use copper bare wire to do water-cooled cable, when the water-cooled cable for some time, open the cable jacket, Stainless Steel Cables you will see the wire surface with a layer of green copper rust. Later, Stainless Steel Cables we switched to qi bag line to do water-cooled cable, because the qi bag line has a protective film, it can play a preservative effect. With the user to reflect, Stainless Steel Cables we use the line to do wire-made cable-water cable, the life of copper is a straight line of 1.5 to 2 times;