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Stainless Steel Cables Instructions

Nov 02, 2017

In the use of methods and selection methods

First of all: first determine your cable type, not armored cable, if it is armored cable must use armored cable packaging letter. Use armored cable packing boxes and selection rules, please refer to the official website or contact our customer service. If it is ordinary cable, stainless steel cable you do not need to use armored blue head. (Note: this is the difference between armor and non armored flange head selection)

Second: the use of environmental requirements, ships, chemical plants, oil engineering, natural gas, stainless steel cables and other poor areas of the general environment, it is recommended to use the best anti-corrosion explosion-proof stainless steel. Some electromagnetic waves have a special place to interfere with the recommended use of the BON brand matching anti-electromagnetic shielded cable head.

Three: according to your choice of different specifications of the hole of the first glory, and now the most practical four screwdriver specifications are public teeth, German teeth, British teeth, American teeth. After selecting a good thread, the size of the cable determines how much the outer diameter of the cable is, and we correspond to the shrinkage of its seam. If there is no hole, the stainless steel cable can be selected according to the cable diameter of the different types of threads, depending on the size and type.

Four: special requirements, such as the need to change the first flange, the thread to extend the first (thick device thickness) above can contact customer service to determine the basic choice of stainless steel cable grid, if other convenient problems, stainless steel cable specific customer service can be further Understand it!

Name: cable waterproof connector, also known as cable head, cable gland, cable packing letter, cable fixed head, cable lock

The use of this brand of stainless steel explosion-proof cable connector is more simple after selection.

The first step: stainless steel cable connector thread equipment, if there is no thread, is the hole, you need screw lock nuts inside the electrical equipment, stainless steel cable nuts connected (we thread non-proliferation of nuclear weapons treaty "taper thread is not nuts are purchased, please Attention), so do not worry.

The second step, the cable through the BON brand stainless steel cable Glen head perforation can be fixed.

The third step: tighten the nut, tighten the cable seal, and then pull down the cable, do not move, generally do not have any problems, if you want to move the cable later, just relax the nut

Features: Describe the characteristics of the product: stainless steel cable special jaw clamping ring high and low stage planning, with the installation of time-saving, wide clamping cable, tensile strength, waterproof, dust, acid and alkali, grease and Usually solvent and other features. bon type waterproof connector planning novel, practical, strong, widely used in lighting, machinery and machinery, wire and cable and other fields.

Threads: Metric, PG, G (PF) and us - made Teeth (NPT)

Commodity materials: A, C, F part of the choice of brass nickel (can be customized 304 stainless steel), D part made of white nylon, B, E part of the use of ethylene propylene rubber.

Protection class: in the bayonet range, the use of o-ring tight emergency state, waterproof rating to IP68.

Color varieties: A, C, F part of the metal color. D is white, B, E is black.

Operating temperature: static: -40 ℃ to 110 ℃, stainless steel cable short time to 120 ℃. Dynamic: -20 ℃ to 80 ℃, a short time to reach 100 ℃