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Stainless Steel Cables Process Performance

Oct 11, 2017

Stainless steel cable bridge anti-corrosion performance is much higher than ordinary carbon steel bridge, petrochemical, food processing and marine shipbuilding industry and other fields often use stainless steel cable bridge laying cable.

According to the structure classification: trough stainless steel frame, Stainless Steel Cables ladder-type stainless steel bridge, tray-type stainless steel bridge. According to the material classification (anti-corrosion performance from low to high): 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, Stainless Steel Cables 316L stainless steel. Routine selection of 304 stainless steel bridge, the surface can do drawing or spraying.

The main insulating material and protective material for plastic wire and cable are plastic. Thermoplastic performance, with good processing performance, especially for wire and cable extrusion insulation layer and the production process is simple. Wire and cable plastic insulation layer and the production of the basic way is the use of single-screw extruder continuous extrusion. As the extruder has the characteristics of continuous extrusion, Stainless Steel Cables so the plastic insulation and sheath of the production process is also continuous. In terms of wire and cable production, the difference in product specifications, the difference between extruded parts, often determines the extrusion equipment and process parameters of some changes.

The working principle of the extruder is: the use of a specific shape of the screw, rotating in the heated barrel, will be sent from the hopper of the plastic extrusion, Stainless Steel Cables the plastic evenly plasticized (that is, melting), through the nose and different shapes Of the mold, so that the plastic extrusion into a continuous need for a variety of shapes of plastic layer, squeezed on the core and cable.

The plastic insulation and sheathing of the cable is carried out in a continuous extrusion manner, and the extrusion apparatus is generally a single screw extruder. Plastic before the extrusion, to check whether the plastic in advance or no other debris, and then the screw preheated after adding to the hopper. In the extrusion process, the plastic loaded into the hopper by means of gravity or feeding screw into the barrel, Stainless Steel Cables under the action of the rotating screw thrust, continue to move forward, from the preheat section began to gradually moving to the homogenization section; the same time, plastic By the screw stirring and squeezing effect, and in the barrel of the external heat and plastic and equipment under the action of the shear friction into a viscous flow in the groove to form a continuous uniform flow. In the process under the provisions of the temperature, Stainless Steel Cables the plastic from the solid state into a molten state of the plastic body, and then by the screw to promote or stirring, will be fully plasticized plastic pushed into the head; to reach the nose of the material, Stainless Steel Cables And the mold sleeve between the ring gap, extruded from the mold mouth, squeezed in the conductor or core around the formation of a continuous dense insulation layer or jacket layer, and then by cooling and curing, made of wire and cable products.