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Stainless Steel Cables Processing

Aug 09, 2017

Stainless steel Cable Tray anti-corrosion performance is far higher than ordinary carbon steel bridge, Stainless Steel Cables petrochemical, food processing and marine industry and other fields often choose stainless steel cable bridge laying cable.

According to structure classification: Trough type stainless steel frame, Stainless Steel Cables ladder-type stainless steel bridge, pallet-type stainless steel bridge frame.

The surface treatment of cable tray is more from the surface of the steel bridge frame, Stainless Steel Cables the surface of the stainless steel bridge can be brushed and sprayed, and the surface of the steel bridge can be galvanized and sprayed, and the surface of the aluminum alloy tray can be anodized and sprayed, Stainless Steel Cables and the surface of the grid bridge can be heat and electroplating.

Cable tray from the material can be divided into metal type bridge frame and Non-metallic class bridge.

Metal type bridge can be divided into: Stainless steel bridge, Stainless Steel Cables aluminum alloy bridge, grid bridge and ordinary steel bridge frame. Non-metallic type of bridge: divided into FRP Bridge and alloy plastic bridge frame

Because the cable in operation, the current magnetic field will form eddy current, thereby heating, affect the cable life, the use of stainless steel tape armored, Stainless Steel Cables can maximize the elimination of magnetic field effects, a word, degaussing effect. Multi-core cable Multi-interphase magnetic field offset each other. The use of general steel tape armored can be.

Armored layer is generally divided into steel tape armored and steel wire armored two kinds, Stainless Steel Cables armored layer's main role is to resist a variety of mechanical forces on the cable damage, protection of cable insulation layer is not damaged. Steel wire Armored cable bearing large tensile force, Stainless Steel Cables armored steel strip should be galvanized or paint anti-rust treatment, steel wire is usually galvanized anti-rust treatment.

Heating Cable Radiant Heating system At present, there are two common in China: one is metal heating material cable, the other is beyond the infrared carbon fiber for heating material cable. Metal heating for the heating material of the cable, heating principle is: metal wire after power, Stainless Steel Cables because of their own resistance and fever, and then heat conduction form dispersed. The principle of the cable heating with carbon fiber as the heating material is to voltage at both ends of the carbon fiber, Stainless Steel Cables and the far infrared carbon fiber radiates the energy outside the infrared way.

Carbon fiber heating cable for the use of parallel circuit so that the current of each hair hotline is not greater than 0.8A, metal Cable every point of the current is consistent is carbon fiber heating cable over the flow of more than 10 times times, carbon fiber heating cable electromagnetic radiation small, Stainless Steel Cables metal cables have electromagnetic radiation need to take measures.