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Stainless Steel Cables The Measures

Jun 30, 2017

TIG welding work site should have a good ventilation device to discharge harmful gases and dust. In addition to plant ventilation, Stainless Steel Cables the welding can be large, welder concentrated place, install several axial fan exhaust.

In addition, local ventilation can also be used to remove the harmful gas around the arc, such as the use of bright arc hood, exhaust gas gun, light fan and so on.

As far as possible, Stainless Steel Cables use a very low dose of cerium tungsten. Thorium tungsten and cerium tungsten polished, should be sealed or exhausted grinding wheel grinding, the operator should wear masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, after processing to wash the face. Stainless Steel Cables Thorium tungsten and cerium tungsten should be placed in the aluminum box

In order to prevent and weaken the impact of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the measures taken are: 

1) good grounding of the workpiece, Stainless Steel Cables welding cable and ground wire to use metal braided wire shielding; 

2) appropriate to reduce the frequency; 

3) try not to use high-frequency oscillator Stable arc device to reduce the high frequency of electrical action time.

TIG welding, due to the strong role of ozone and ultraviolet radiation, should wear non-cotton overalls (such as acid, tussah silk, etc.). Stainless Steel Cables In the case of welding in the container can not be used in the case of local ventilation, you can use the wind helmet, air masks or anti-virus masks and other personal protective measures.

Cable main insulation with a specific function to withstand the system voltage, the cable life cycle, to withstand long-term rated voltage and system failure when the over-voltage, lightning impulse voltage to ensure that the working heat does not occur in the relative or phase Wear short circuit. Stainless Steel Cables So the main insulation material is the key to the quality of the cable.

② cross-linked polyethylene is a good insulating material, now widely used, its color is green and white translucent. Low dielectric loss tangent; chemical stability; Stainless Steel Cables good heat resistance, long-term allowable operating temperature of 90 ℃; high dielectric resistance; high resistance; Good mechanical properties, easy processing and process.

① Insulation shield is extruded in the main insulation of the cable on the non-metallic layer, Stainless Steel Cables the material is also cross-linked material, with semi-conductive properties, volume resistivity of 500 ~ 1000 Ω • m. And ground protection equipotential.

② general situation 3kV and below low-voltage cable without insulation shield, 6kV and above the high-voltage cables must have insulation shield.

(3) the role of insulation shield: the main insulation between the cable and the grounding of the metal shield between the transition, so that there is a close contact to eliminate the insulation and grounding between the conductor; to eliminate the tip of the surface of the copper wire surface; Stainless Steel Cables improve the insulation surface Electric field distribution.

④ insulation shield in accordance with the process is divided into strippable and non-strippable type, the general medium voltage cable, 35kV and below the use of strippable, Stainless Steel Cables good peelable insulation shield with good adhesion, no semi-conductive particles after stripping residue. 110kV and above with non-peelable type. Stainless Steel Cables The combination of non-peelable shields and main insulation is more tight and the construction process is required.