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Stainless Steel Cables Versatility

Oct 18, 2017

Cable bridge as a wiring project supporting a project, there is no specific norms to guide the specifications of a manufacturer of the program lack of versatility, therefore, Stainless Steel Cables the design selection process should be based on weak system of each system cable type, quantity, reasonable selection of applicable Bridge.

(1) to determine the direction: According to the building layout plan, combined with air conditioning lines and electrical pipelines and other settings, easy maintenance, and cable routing to determine the cable bridge the best route. In the interior, as far as possible along the walls of the building, Stainless Steel Cables columns, beams and floors erected, so the use of integrated corridor erection, should be in the pipeline side or above the parallel erection, and consider the line and branch line as far as possible to avoid cross, Stainless Steel Cables such as No other pipe rack borrow, you need to set up (support) column.

(2) Load calculation: Calculate the cable weight per unit length on the longitudinal section of the cable bridge trunk line.

(3) to determine the width of the bridge: According to the number of cable laying cable, cable diameter and cable spacing to determine the cable tray model, specifications, Stainless Steel Cables the length of the arm, the length of the pillars, spacing, bridge width and number of layers.

(4) to determine the installation method: According to the location of the installation conditions to determine the bridge fixed way, choose hanging, vertical, side wall or mixed, Stainless Steel Cables connectors and fasteners are generally supporting the supply, in addition, according to the bridge Structure selection of the corresponding cover.

(5) draw the cable bridge flat, profile, Stainless Steel Cables local parts should also draw a space map, out of the material table.

(1) Slot-type large span cable bridge from the outdoor into the building, the bridge out of the slope of not less than 1/100.

(2) cable bridge and electricity equipment cross, the gap between the distance of not less than 0.5m.

(3) two sets of cable bridge in the same height parallel laying, Stainless Steel Cables during which the net distance of not less than 0.6m.

(4) in the parallel map to draw the bridge of the route, to indicate the bridge starting point, end point, turning point, branch point and the lifting point of the coordinates or positioning size, elevation, such as drawing bridge axle laying side, Will be more accurate.

Straight line: indicate full length, bridge deck number, Stainless Steel Cables elevation, model and specifications. Turning point and branch point: specify the type and specification of the turn plate used. Lifting section: Note that changes in elevation, can also be used local large sample or profile diagram.

(5) bridge support points, such as columns, arm or non-standard support, the spacing of the frame, installation, model specifications, elevation, can be agreed on the plane list, Stainless Steel Cables can also be marked with different sections, Figure or large sample representation.

(6) cable cited point position and lead the way, in general, Stainless Steel Cables a large number of cables can be cited under the vertical bending plate and vertical pull on the shelves, a small number of cable lead under the guide plate or guide tube, specify the way to lead down.

(7) cable bridge should be more than 2.2 meters above the ground, Stainless Steel Cables the top of the bridge from the roof or other obstacles should not be less than 0.3 meters, the bridge width should not be less than 0.1 meters, the cross-section of the bridge filling rate should not exceed 50%.