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Stainless Steel Used For Construction Of New Buildings

Dec 19, 2016

In order to meet aesthetic requirements of architects, has developed a variety of different commercial surface processing. Surface can be highly reflective or dull; can be smooth, polished or embossed; can be painted, stained, galvanized or stainless steel surface etched with patterns in order to meet the requirements of designers to look.

Keep the surface is easy. Just occasional cleaning to remove dust. Because of good corrosion resistance, you can also easily remove graffiti pollution or other similar surfaces. The role of stainless steel are not so noticeable, but in terms of aesthetics and performance of buildings has played an important role. For example, more wear-resistant than other metal of the same thickness of stainless steel and resistant to indentation, so when the construction of sidewalks in the mobility space, it is the preferred material for designers.

Stainless steel used for construction of a new building and structural materials used to repair historic monuments has been more than 70 years. United States standard ANSI/ASCE-8-90 of the Institute of civil engineers "specification for cold-formed stainless steel structural design" NiDI and published jointly with the Euro Inox "design manual for structural stainless steel" has simplified the long service life, integrity, good structure for building design.