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Stainless Steel Wire Rod Products

Feb 20, 2017

Stainless steel wire: also can called stainless steel silk, Rod, disc Yuan, but with stainless steel silk rope different. wire main has spring line and screws line two species, as its name suggests: screws line main used to do screws, and spring line used to do spring or other requirements has elastic of hardware products. other of for example light line, hydrogen back line, electrolytic line, axle hairpin line, also has. tensile strength 1500-2000. spring line of hardness has following several: full soft |1/4 hard | half hard |3/4 hard | full hard | special hard. wire rope specifications : 7*1,6*12,7*7,7*19,17*39, than the material of the same line, rods, tubes, plates are expensive. the most expensive for the 7*7 unit.