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Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Apply

Sep 30, 2017

In the dynamic system, the wire rope is widely used in crane and elevator lifting, mechanical power transmission, control of the car's cockpit rod, the operation of aircraft control system, etc. In the static system, the traction support tower of the suspension bridge is stable, the design of new railings and other industries, the wire rope has a wide application.

With the invention and rapid development of stainless steel materials in the early 20th century, the new stainless steel material was applied to the steel wire rope manufacturing field. With the special physicochemical properties of stainless steel materials, stainless steel wire rope has been rapidly accepted and popularized in many fields in Europe and the United States. Stainless steel wire rope to China later, however, since China's reform and opening up, China's stainless steel wire rope manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, many enterprises rapid rise, domestic stainless steel wire rope has long been abroad, export all over the world, industry development prospects are bright.

The stainless steel wire rope is classified according to structure, and its typical structure is: 1x3, 1x7, 1x19, 3x7, 6x7, 6x19 (a), 6x19 (b), 8x19.

Twist system features

1. Point contact: in the form of point contact between adjacent layer steel wires, the diameter of the steel wire is equal to that of the center wire, and the unit is formed through the layered twist.

2. Line contact: in the form of linear contact between adjacent layers of steel wire, the stock is made from one twist of different diameters.

3. Surface contact: a surface contact form between adjacent layers of steel wire.

4. Point and line contact stainless steel wire rope: there are two types of contact between adjacent layers of steel wire. The stock is made from a different diameter of steel wire.

5. Stainless steel wire rope of heteromorphic strands: the non-rust steel wire rope is named for its triangular, elliptical or fan-shaped section.

6. Galvanized stainless steel wire rope: galvanizing the steel wire surface (or galvanized after drawing), then the stainless steel wire rope made of twisting.

Stainless steel wire rope twist to: the so-called wire rope (or strand) twist, which is the direction of the twist of the strand in the rope (or in the strand). Determination method: to place the rope (or unit) vertically, if the spiral of the strand (silk) goes up from left to right, it is left twisting, which can be used "". According to the direction of strand and rope twist, the wire rope is divided into:

A right hand twisted stainless steel wire rope: right hand twist, left hand twist

B left alternating stainless steel wire rope: left twist, right hand twist

C. Right side twist stainless steel wire rope: right hand twist, right hand twist

D - left hand twisted stainless steel wire rope: left hand twist, left hand twist

E right mixing stainless steel wire rope: right hand twist, part of the left twist, part of the right twist

F left mixed stainless steel wire rope: the left twist, part of the right twist, part of the left twisting


Stainless steel wire has good high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, breaking force, long service life, durable and other characteristics, widely used in coal, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, Bridges, electricity, rubber, war industry, tourism, water conservancy, light industry and other industries, products can be according to ISO, BS, DIN, JIS, ABS, LR and other international standards and foreign advanced level production.

1. In the equipment reform of chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industries, its equipment deployment is updated with stainless steel wire rope.

2. Apply all stainless steel welding rods and a large number of stainless steel components, springs and adjoining pieces, all of which are used in stainless steel wire rope.

3. Hoisting rings and hangers on electric locomotive and power line, these are the categories of stainless steel wire rope application.

4. Nylon nets used in all walks of life, now a considerable part of it is replaced by stainless steel wire rope.

5. Railway electrification, loading and cutting industries, rigging industries, fishing gear industry, motor car industry and other industries.