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Stainless Steel Wire Ropes How To Identify Quality

Sep 04, 2017

Broken wire is the elevator stainless steel wire rope initially appeared relatively minor damage, although not lead to stainless steel wire rope can not be used, but also worthy of our vigilance. So how is the broken wire produced?

(1) Overload broken wire. Elevator stainless steel wire rope to withstand overload or impact load caused by the fracture showed a plastic cup shrinkage, due to the safety factor of the elevator wire rope, this broken wire rare.

(2) Fatigue cut off. Appear in the stock of the largest side of the bending process of the outer wire, metal fatigue produced broken wire, fracture shape flush.

(3) wear broken wire. Stainless steel wire rope with the traction wheel between the friction caused by slip, this broken wire is extremely serious wear and tear occurred in the outer wire, fracture on both sides of the ramp, fracture flat.

(4) rust broken wire. Caused by severe rust. Stainless steel wire rope fracture is not neat, was brazing tip.

(5) cut broken wire. Was hard to pull off or by a large external force to combat, squeeze caused. Stainless steel wire rope fracture was cut.

(6) twisted broken wire. This broken wire rarely appears in the normal use, only in the stainless steel wire rope appears to cause the kink of relaxation. The fracture shape is smooth and smooth.

The above is the cause of the elevator stainless steel wire rope broken wire of the main reasons, I hope the elevator management personnel in the installation and maintenance of more attention to avoid the above situation to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the elevator stainless steel wire rope.

To achieve these three requirements is the quality of stainless steel wire rope

Quality is one of the important basis for customers to choose stainless steel wire rope, customers in the purchase of stainless steel wire rope will tend to better quality products. Therefore, you must have to master before the purchase of high quality stainless steel wire rope products

Stainless steel wire rope surface treatment is mainly polished, twisted, through the surface treatment in the product surface to form a layer of dense protective film, play the role of corrosion and rust, so that stainless steel wire rope more beautiful and durable. Dense passivation film is also a measure of the quality of stainless steel wire rope standards, good quality stainless steel wire rope, each wire surface is delicate and smooth, even moderate, bright color, no bubbles, rust and oxidation signs.

Good quality stainless steel wire rope its use of better performance, specifically in the high strength, corrosion resistance, easy deformation, fracture, superior mechanical properties, superior mechanical properties, its life is longer, of course, usually the price is slightly higher The

China's stainless steel wire rope has a very stringent standards, high-quality stainless steel wire rope product performance parameters not only meet the national quality standards, and generally slightly higher than the national quality standards, the choice of such quality products can greatly improve production Work safety.