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Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Long Lasting

Aug 22, 2017

Stainless steel wire rope with high temperature, anti-fatigue performance, excellent breaking strength, long life, durable and many other features, widely used in coal, petroleum, metallurgy, chemicals, ships, bridges, electricity, rubber, military, tourism, water , Light industry and other industries, products can be ISO, BS, DIN, JIS, ABS, LR and other international and foreign advanced level standards.

1, in the chemical industry, fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industries equipment reform, the installation of equipment to deploy the use of stainless steel wire rope.

2, the application of stainless steel electrode and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, adjoining pieces, which are used in stainless steel wire rope.

3, electrified locomotives, power lines on the rings, hanger, these are the scope of application of stainless steel wire rope.

4, all walks of life used in the nylon network, now a considerable part of the stainless steel wire rope instead.

5, railway electrification, decoration industry, cable industry, fishing gear industry, automobile and motorcycle industry and other industries.

Stainless steel wire rope in the use of a period of time after the need for maintenance, but in the actual use of the process, because some users of the maintenance method is wrong, both a waste of time and did not achieve the effect of maintenance. So, how to properly maintain the stainless steel wire rope? Taizhou Su Yang summed up the following points, hoping to give you help.

1, check the outer surface of the wire rope wear and broken wire, when the wear area does not exceed 7% of the total area, can reduce the level of use, more than 7%, the wire rope scrapped.

2, must ensure that the rope and the groove of a good match, the two do not match, will lead to excessive wear between the rope and the sheave, shortening their service life.

3, the use of the process should be carried out often to the wire rope oil, and to prevent mud. The lubrication of the wire rope is carried out in three ways, namely, dripping, spraying and brushing.

4, regularly on the pulley and other accessories and wire rope components to check, should ensure that the pulley and other accessories flexible rotation, such as turning the hair astringent, bang moving or abnormal sound, should be added to the pulley bearing grease.

5, should be regularly on the wire rope inspection and recording, which includes the use of wire rope period, wear, broken wire, corrosion, grease, shape damage and other abnormalities.