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Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Reduced Service Life

Nov 02, 2017

We all know that the use of stainless steel wire rope is very cautious, it is directly related to the lives of workers safe, if used properly will cause great damage, but also directly reduce the life of the wire rope, then the common stainless steel wire rope damage What type of it:

1. Stainless steel rope wear: stainless steel rope wear is a common phenomenon. Selection of the correct structure of the stainless steel wire rope to ensure that wear and tear is only a minor factor in damage, lubrication to help reduce wear and tear.

2. Stainless steel wire rope broken wire: broken wire is the end of the life of stainless steel wire rope common phenomenon, caused by bending fatigue and wear. Local broken wire may indicate a mechanical defect in the equipment, the correct lubrication will improve the fatigue performance of stainless steel wire rope.

3. Stainless steel wire rope deformation: often the result of mechanical damage, if serious, will greatly affect the length of the rope. Rust Description Lack of proper lubrication leading to corrosion. In some cases, the outer surface of the wire will appear obvious point rust marks, and ultimately there will be broken wire.

4. Stainless steel cord internal corrosion: appear in the lack of lubrication or the way is not correct. The reduction in pulp often causes the observer to speculate on this point, only through the calipers or the correct use of rivets to open the wire rope for internal inspection to confirm the judge.

5. Stainless steel wire rope multi-layer winding: in the reel on the multi-layer rope will lead to serious deformation of the lower wire rope.

6. Stainless steel wire bad winding: due to the tilt angle is too large or winding caused by too loose) will lead to mechanical damage, the performance of a serious squeeze, the operation may lead to sudden load.

a. stainless steel wire rope sheave diameter is too small: will lead to permanent deformation of the wire rope and will inevitably lead to premature broken wire.

b. stainless steel wire rope groove is too large: rope round rope more than 15% of the nominal diameter, will lead to lack of adequate support for wire rope, causing flattened and premature broken wire.

c. stainless steel wire rope slot too small: will squeeze the wire rope, so that deformation, often there are two obvious wear marks and the corresponding broken wire.

d. stainless steel wire rope compensation rope: may cause broken wire, which is the result of fatigue fatigue.

e. Stainless steel wire rope angle is too large: will cause friction between stainless steel wire rope and cause serious wear and tear. Damage to the wire rope at the end point may be shown in the broken wire.

7. Outer and inner wire broken wire - is into the sleeve part of the typical performance of the drape rope fatigue, the lack of appropriate internal lubrication will produce furniture problems.

8. In the sleeve neck of the broken and broken wire - the use of such damage is mainly caused by fatigue.

9. Case Removal Example - Probably the reason is that the stainless steel wire mesh does not conform to the relevant standard, when the sleeve is technically wrong, and the use of overload.