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Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Support Point

Oct 17, 2017

Stainless steel wire rope in use, with the overweight machine reel or rope wheel groove contact surface is called the support surface, also called the support point. In the calculation support point is, Stainless Steel Wire Ropes should be calculated according to different structure, stainless steel wire rope is stainless steel wire rope cross-section and the number of indirect contact drum to express.

Stainless steel wire rope supporting the surface in addition to sealing the largest wire rope, the number of elliptical strands of stainless steel wire rope. The support point of elliptical strand stainless steel wire rope is four times times more than that of round strand stainless steel wire rope. Stainless Steel Wire Ropes The stainless steel wire rope and the drum rope trough support point, has the very big influence to its service life. The more the support point, the greater the contact surface of the stainless steel wire rope and the rope groove, the smaller the unit pressure and wear, and the service life can be improved accordingly.

304 Stainless steel wire rope is mainly in the material on the selection of steel wire rope, where the high temperature of this material used in the wire rope is more frequent, Stainless Steel Wire Ropes which in a lot of commonality, will also use this material.

One of the 304 stainless steel wire rope used in the process will also encounter broken wire damage phenomenon, this time can see whether the number of silk in the gradual increase in the case of a short time, the occurrence of the broken wire is mostly a long time the use of high-frequency situation, The probability of interrupting a wire can be determined by careful examination and understanding of the relevant situation. Stainless Steel Wire Ropes High-quality steel wire in the case of fracture is mainly in the case of steel wire damage gradually increasing the judgment, in many cases, the probability of breaking wire also need to maintain a good record of broken wires. According to the wire broken wire level to select the relevant fracture situation. To achieve super damaged steel wire need to be done in a timely manner scrap treatment.

In the way of air corrosion, Stainless Steel Wire Ropes many times need to maintain the corrosion capacity of stainless steel surface, after the surface treatment of 304 stainless steel wire rope in the service life longer, usually can produce a good corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel Wire Ropes In order to increase the corrosion resistance, the surface of the relevant stainless steel treatment, in which the comprehensive performance of the equipment and parts are mainly based on the standards and models to carry out production.