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Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Twist Characteristics

Sep 19, 2017

The wire rope is designed and developed, mainly used in mine excavation lifting equipment. With the further development of the first industrial revolution, the use of wire rope has been popularized and used more widely.

In the dynamic system, the wire rope is widely used in the hoisting of the crane and elevator, the transmission of the mechanical power, the control of the car cockpit, the operation of the aircraft control system and so on. In the static system, New railings design and other industries, wire rope also has a wide range of applications.

With the early 20th century, the invention of stainless steel and the rapid development of new stainless steel materials are used in the field of wire rope manufacturing. With stainless steel material special physical and chemical properties, in Europe and the United States, stainless steel wire rope in many areas to be quickly accepted and popularized. Stainless steel wire rope manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, the rapid rise of many enterprises, domestic stainless steel wire rope has long been out of the country, exports the world, the industry development prospects bright.

Stainless steel wire rope according to the structure of the classification, the typical structure are: 1x3,1x7,1x19,3x7,6x7,6x19 (a), 6x19 (b), 8x19.

Application: stainless steel wire rope with high temperature, anti-fatigue performance, excellent breaking strength, long life, durable and many other features, widely used in coal, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, ship, bridge, electricity, rubber, military, tourism , Water conservancy, light industry and other industries, products can be ISO, BS, DIN, JIS, ABS, LR and other international and foreign advanced level standards.

1, in the chemical industry, fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industries in the equipment reform, the deployment of equipment to deploy the use of stainless steel wire rope.

2, the application of stainless steel electrode and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, adjoining pieces, which are used in stainless steel wire rope.

3, electrified locomotives, power lines on the rings, hanger, these are the scope of application of stainless steel wire rope.

4, all walks of life used in the nylon network, now a considerable part of the stainless steel wire rope instead.

5, railway electrification, decoration industry, cable industry, fishing gear industry, automobile and motorcycle industry and other industries.

Twist characteristics

1. Point contact: shares within the adjacent layer of wire between the point of contact with the form, in addition to the center wire, the layers of wire diameter equal, the formation of the formation of layered twist.

2. Line contact: shares within the adjacent layer of wire between the form of linear contact, the stock by a different diameter of the wire twisted from a twist.

3. Surface contact: shares within the adjacent layer of wire between the form of contact with the surface.

4. Point, wire contact Stainless steel wire rope: between the adjacent layers of steel wire between the point, the line of two contact forms. The shares are twisted by different diameter wires.

5. Shaped stainless steel wire rope: shaped stainless steel wire rope because of its cross section was triangular, oval or fan named.

6. galvanized stainless steel wire rope: the surface of the steel wire galvanized treatment (or galvanized after drawing), and then twisted into a stainless steel wire rope.

7. Stainless steel wire rope twist: the so-called wire rope (or shares) twist, refers to the stock in the rope (or wire in the shares) twist the helical direction. Judgment method: the rope (or shares) placed vertically to observe, if the stock (wire) spiral direction from the left to the top, then the left twist, available "" said. According to the stock, rope twist direction, wire rope is divided into:

a right twist stainless steel wire rope: rope right twist, strand left twist

b left twist stainless steel wire rope: rope left twist, stock right twist

c right twisted stainless steel wire rope: rope right twist, stock right twist

d left twisted stainless steel wire rope: rope left twist, strand left twist

e right mixed twist stainless steel wire rope: rope right twist, part of the stock left twist, part of the right twist

f left mixed twist stainless steel wire rope: rope left twist, part of the stock right twist, part of the left twist