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The Development Direction Of Scrap Stainless Steel

Dec 19, 2016

Because the stainless steel has many of the ideal performance of building materials, it can be said to be unique in the metal, and its development is still continuing. For stainless steel in the traditional application of better performance, has been refining the existing type, and, in order to meet the strict requirements of advanced architectural applications, is the development of stainless steel. Due to the increasing production efficiency, quality, continuous improvement, stainless steel has become the architects choice one of the most cost-effective materials. Stainless steel performance, looks and features all in one, so stainless steel will continue to be one of the best materials in the world. Therefore, the market prospect of stainless with stainless steel scrap as authentic.

In recent years by the Greece debt crisis, the base metals markets affected down London nickel fell in succession, the stainless steel market impact, in addition to a large stainless steel plant in North China new wave of purchasing prices below market expectations, great psychological pressure to scrap stainless steel businesses, business profits now. And the early part of the steel procurement inventory has not yet been fully digested, so demand has decreased, many circumstances that led to the current stainless steel scrap prices are stagnant.