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The Main Use Of Stainless Steel Materials

Feb 20, 2017

Type 304 widely used materials. In buildings able to withstand corrosion, erosion resistant to food processing medium, resistant to organic compounds, dyes, and wide variety of inorganic compounds. 304L, nitric acid resistance, good and durable medium temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid, widely used as a liquid gas tank, used for low temperature equipment, other consumer products, kitchen equipment, hospital equipment, means of transport, waste-water treatment facilities.

Type 316 contains slightly more than 304 nickel and molybdenum containing 2%-3%, better corrosion resistance than type 304, in particular tend to cause pitting in chloride media. Type 316 has developed as a sulphite pulp machine, sulfuric acid compounds because it is durable. Its use has been expanded to deal with a lot of chemicals in the processing industry.

Type 317 molybdenum containing 3%-4% (in this series also got higher levels), and contains more chromium than 316, with higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion performance.

Type 430 lower than type 304 alloy content, as in the gentle atmosphere of high Polish decoration, can also be used as nitric acid and food processing equipment.

Type 410 in the three general purpose stainless steel with low alloy content, requires strength and corrosion resistance combined with Gao Chengli parts to choose from, such as solid pieces. Type 410 in the mild, water vapor in the atmosphere and many moderate chemical product medium corrosion resistance.