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Use Of Wire Rope And Classification

Dec 19, 2016


Steel wire rope from the perspective of purpose, all varieties of steel wire rope should be compatible with the use of basic performance, this is product design in wire rope, wire rope manufacturing process, travelers must attach great importance to the issue. Described below are some common kinds of basic properties and requirements of wire rope.

Elevator wire rope is mainly used for carrying cargo in the high-rise building's elevator equipment and demand structure, soft small elongation, elongation and structure loads, good lubrication adjustment, safety, good fatigue properties. In addition, to reduce the friction of the rope pulley requires 8 structure and stranded foreign steel rope strength than steel in strength;

Air wire rope main cables and cable operations for aircraft route, because the specification is fine, and have to endure atmospheric erosion effects, requiring a high degree of resistance to fatigue and corrosion resistance

Mine hoisting steel rope was carrying contained materials ores in the mine force components, is all mine attaches great importance to the key components required fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, little elongation, high life expectancy, safe and reliable operation, in addition to requirements does not spin, not loose, and sheave Groove contact surface characteristics

Mainly of aerial tramway wire rope for Aerial Ropeways and the peak tram for aerial transport tracks, coupled with cable cars as a means of transport, such steel wire ropes are the basic requirements: has a large safety factor, wear-resistant, smooth surface of wire rope, bending stiffness, resistance to atmospheric corrosion, not loose. Sealing rope facial contacted wire rope has the performance characteristics

Hoisting wire ropes are required to have high tensile strength, good in soft, not rotating bending fatigue resistance, not loose and basic properties

In short, due to the extensiveness of the use of wire rope, required its performance is also the diversity of performance form the quality of steel wire rope for wire rope, the degree of good or bad depends on the manufacturing process for effective control.