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What Is The Applications For Mirco-wire Rope In Industry ?

Apr 25, 2017

Introduction of micro-wire rope industry

What is Mirco-wire rope ?

Micro-wire rope,We usually take the diameter specifications less than 0.8mm below the wire rope called micro-wire rope, the constructures are including 1X7,1X3,1X12,1X19,7X7.they can be made by carbon steel,copper,stainless steel,some other alloywire.

micro-wire rope

Main application in industry

  • Drawing machine, inkjet machine, cutting plotter, Copier and so on with stainless steel rope SUS304 (not skid, not elongated, high transmission efficiency, long life)

  • Automotive rope attention to air pollution, temperature, humidity, strength, anti-friction, limited use of stainless steel (SUS304) rope.

  • Pull single crystal with pure tungsten wire rope (high temperature, no elongation, no rotation)

  • Medical equipment : (SUS304, SUS316)in the medical use of low-frequency treatment equipment, the use of more than soft copper wire, with high strength and flexibility and good folding ultra-fine stainless steel wire rope The Wire diameter 0.05mm, rope diameter 0.45mm, structure 7x7, the surface covered with PVC skin (P.V.C), sometimes two bonding, the color difference between the positive (green) and negative (yellow), as a conductive cord.

  • Fishing line(sus304): soft, strength is more than 2 times the nylon fabric, not because of the roots, rock friction Sassafras and broken; do not knot, do not touch the water, even if the residue in the water Can break down. Wire diameter 0.09-0.19mm, rope diameter 0.27-0.57mm, twisted structure of 1x7. Surface enameled.

    plastic wire rope

  • Chemically with corrosion-resistant, light weight titanium rope (Necklace, bracelet) core use of high corrosion resistance of stainless steel SUS316L (Ni12-15%, Cr16-18%, Mo2- 3%). Decorated with stainless steel wire rope, the surface of the rope is generally covered with the gem color of the nylon skin, and consider the decorative color of the soft Eight other

  • Mirco-wire rope is also widely used in construction, decoration (Φ0.06-3.00mm) and sports and other industries.