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Wire Rope Needs To Pay Attention To What

Dec 19, 2016

What should we pay attention to for steel wire rope ?

steel wire rope

Relation between wire rope and wire rope is very close, in crane's work uses is very wide. We use this product to which should be paid attention to in the process of problem?

  • First, we use in the process of product u-bolts need to be tightened, and internal pressure to the extent of one-third of wire rope. Because the suppressed during deformation, so we also stress the need for the second time in the course of tight joint strength can also be guaranteed.

  • Second, fixed wire rope end in our time, there are two methods to choose from and use. One is through the knot method, another approach is the Bowline method.

What is a Bowline? 

This method can be used at both ends of the product, and if there is any knot is mainly to fix the ends of the rope. 

Clamps used must be suitable for the thickness of the product, not let adjusted net margin is too large.