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Wire Rope Unique Properties

Feb 20, 2017

Wire Rope Unique Properties

Due to Steel Wire Rope unique performance, so far domestic outside also not found a more ideal of products to full or in a field within alternative wire rope, thus, wire rope in metallurgical, and mine, and oil gas drill mining, and mechanical, and chemical, and aviation space, field became essential of parts or material, its quality also was domestic multiple industry by concern, and input large human, and material for wire rope using research and products development work, on wire rope of structure select, and daily using, and maintenance maintenance, and Replace the scrap and other links have enacted a number of regulations and rules.

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  • The mine safety regulations, the crane safety management procedures and the safety code for truck crane and mobile crane, the crane safety inspection rules of the wire rope structure selection, use, maintenance, and replacement of scrap to make practical provision. 

  • Coal and other industries to wire rope inspection provide daily necessary safety checks and management of content. 

  • Several research institutes were involved in related research of wire rope, can be converted to productive results have been achieved.A number of wire rope inspection and scrap code of practice for effective implementation.

  • GB/T5972-2006 the crane wire rope for examination and discard of the code of practice for alternate GB/T5972-1986 versions of the standard, implemented on Sept 1st, 2006. 

  • GB9075-1988 wire rope for ropeway inspection and scrap regulations applicable to monocable circulating, double circular and reciprocating passenger transport and aerial tramway wire rope, but do not apply to temporary freight tramway wire rope for ropeway and forestry. Important use of wire rope inspection technology in MT716-2005 coal mine conditions and MT717-1997 coal mines important wire rope for use in the determination and decision rules, proper use of wire rope for coal mine safety regulations.